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Inclusion of women in HIV clinical research

Presentation by Silvia Petretti on the gender gap in research, presented on Sunday 8th of November 2015 at a meeting with Eucoord researchers organized by the  European Treatment Action Group (EATG)

This article provides a summary of interviews held with 62 HIV investigators and clinicians on the perceived barriers for HIV research with pregnant women 

The Gender, Race And Clinical Experience Study (GRACE) study is considered as a successful example for the enrollment of a representative population of women. This article decribes the recruitment and retention strategy used in the study 

This website article provides a short description of the GRACE study and of the tailored recruitment strategies aimed at ensuring high participation of women 

A literature review that characterizes women’s participation in HIV clinical studies of antiretroviral drugs (ARV), prophylactic vaccines (VAX), and curative strategies (CURE). This article confirms that women continue to be under-represented in HIV clinical trials.

Short article on summarizing the main messages of the article "Systematic Review of the Inclusion (or Exclusion) of Women in HIV Research" 

This article provides the results of surveys of 40 women with or at risk for HIV about factors which might facilitate or impede engagement in  HIV and cardiovascular disease research. Insights derived from these surveys were used for the development of the Follow YOUR Heart campaign, educating women about HIV-associated ardiovascular diseases

The article contains the results of a review of  HIV-related articles published in fifteen journals from January to March of 2011 aimed at characterizing the representation of women in HIV-related research

Literature review and description of barriers and facilitators for participation in clinical research

First part of a webinar organized by the Treatment Action Group (TAG) on the inclusion of pregnant and lactating women in Clinical Research

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