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Metrodora Stakeholder Meeting - deadline extented until 2 April 2018

Metrodora is a project run by EATG under the EATG4Women portfolio that aims to enhance the Meaningful Engagement of Women in HIV Treatment Research. The meeting will be conducted in 2 parts: on Tuesday 15 May 2018 half a day training will take place and on

Wednesday 16 May 2018 a stakeholders meeting will follow. The meeting will take place in Park Inn Hotel, Brussels, Belgium.

This call for applications is addressed to women and men living with or affected by HIV from all over Europe who wish to promote increased involvement of women in HIV R&D. There will be three components of participation for the successful applicants: participation in webinars, a face to face training and attendance in a Multi-stakeholders’ meeting where the meaningful involvement of women in R&D will be discussed.

Please note : previous experience in clinical research is not a prerequisite to apply! The call is open to women and men living with or affected by HIV, nevertheless women living with HIV and an interest in clinical research are highly encouraged to apply!

To apply:

Please note that previous experience in clinical research is NOT a pre-requisite for participation. Please send:

1) your motivation letter in English, including answers to the following questions: How many clinical research protocols have you reviewed in the last three years?; Have you ever participated in a clinical trial yourself?; Have you ever participated in drafting a patient information sheet for a clinical trial? and

2) a brief CV in English (including evidence of experience in HIV advocacy) to Kristjan Jachnowitsch, EATG Training Coordinator, (Kristjan.Jachnowitsch@eatg.org) by Monday 2 April 2018.

For more information about the project, you can also contact Maria Dutarte, Project Manager (maria.dutarte@eatg.org).

You can also read more here:

The METRODORA Project:

The aim of the Metrodora project (https://www.eatg4women.com/metrodora) is to foster women’s involvement in Research and Development in the HIV field and their active participation in decision-making processes. The project foresees three levels of activities: assessing the involvement of women in Eastern and Western European regions; empowering advocates; and enhancing collaborative efforts between key stakeholders to improve the involvement of women in HIV R&D. The project is led by the European AIDS Treatment Group (EATG) and is part of their EATG4WOMEN initiative. For more information, see: https://www.eatg4women.com/metrodora.

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