• Christina Antoniadi

Webinar: Results of the Metrodora research on the involvement of women in HIV clinical trials

The third webinar presenting the findings of the Metrodora research took place on 2nd May 2018.

In this webinar Mark Josef Rapa presented the results of his research on the participation of women in HIV clinical trials that he has conducted within the context of the METRODORA project of EATG.

Mark Josef Rapa is a lawyer from Malta with an LLM in Health Care

Ethics and Law from the University of Manchester. His main interests

revolve around the intricate relationship between law and ethics in

healthcare; selection of embryos, infectious diseases, and clinical

trials, in particular. In his own right, he has written two dissertations,

the first, ‘The criminal law on HIV transmission’ (2015), covering the

laws of Malta, the UK, Italy and Canada, and the second, more

recently, ‘Is there a moral obligation to create the best possible child?’ (2017) focusing on

the law in England and Wales which prohibits the implantation of ‘disabled’ embryos when

others are available. As STEP-UP graduate and member of the Policy group within EATG,

Mark has kept himself updated about the legal developments and barriers which citizens

living with HIV have to face on a daily basis in their respective country. Within the context of

the EATG project METRODORA, Mark has conducted a research on the participation of

women in HIV clinical trials.


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