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METRODORA: Meaningful Engagement of Women in HIV Treatment Research MULTI-STAKEHOLDERS’ MEETING 

 Tuesday 24 July 2018

AIDS2018 Conference, Amsterdam
Addressing research gaps identified by women living with HIV in Europe and Central Asia
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 Tuesday 15 May 2018 

Lisa Hamzah
Pharmacokinetics and
pharmacology in women
Lisa Hamzah
Different kinds
of clinical trials
and their uses
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 Wednesday 16 May 2018 

Christina Antoniadi, EATG, Greece
Opening and Introduction to METRODORA
Lisa Hamzah, King’s College Hospital
HIV R&D – Setting the scene
Angelina Namiba, Salamander Trust,UK
Priorities for women in R&D
Mark Rapa, EATG, UK/Malta
Gaps & barriers: findings of METRODORA research project
Soren Holm, University of Manchester
Ethical issues
Mark Rapa, EATG, UK/Malta
Regulatory barriers
Lisa Hamzah, King’s College Hospital
Reaching out and retainment: challenges & good practices
Jackie Morton, EATG, UK
Participation and Education: Increasing community awareness
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