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Understanding clinical trials 

EUPATI articles to be found under "Basics of medicine development" describing the ten steps of medicine development.

step 1: Pre-discovery;

step 2: Target selection;

step 3 and 4: Choosing a molecule or lead;

step 5: Non-clinical safety testing;

step 6: Phase 1 - Proof of mechanism;

step 7: Phase 2: Proof of concept;

step 8: Confirmatory studies;

step 9: Regulatory submission;

step 10: Life-Cycle management  

EUPATI article describing how patients are informed about clinical trials, the screening process, and the structure and requirements of informed consent.

EUPATI article covering clinical trials and how and by whom they are conducted, as well as the clinical research legistlation in Europe

EUPATI article briefly explaining the various types of clinical trial designs

EUPATI article describing the types of studies that are usually conductions in phases I and II of clinical research

Chapter 8 on Clinical trials and research of the i-Base Treatment Training Manual

Website article on Clinical Trials from the Wellproject.

Topics covered: "What are Clinical Trials", "The Basic Components of Clinical Trials", "The Stages of Treatment Trials", "Why is it important to participate in a Clinical Trial?", "Should I participate in a Clinical Trial?", "Important Lessons from Clinical Trials", "Clinical Triasl and Women living with HIV"

Roger is a nice guy, he has a caring family and a promising job. But lately, Roger’s quality of life has worsened. He has a medical condition that can’t be effectively treated by the current drugs on the market. At the same time, Ellen, who is a medical researcher, is developing a new drug to help people having the same medical condition as Roger. If only Roger and Ellen had a place where they could meet and help each other? FindMeCure is this place. Visit to learn how!

The BETA version of FindMeCure, the Google for clinical trials, is live! Watch our demo and try it yourself on ! FindMeCure helps you search and compare through thousands of studies and smartly decide according to your own criteria whether to join a clinical trial or not.

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